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- Gabriel

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- Stephanie

Meet Your Artist of Spirit

Helene V. Gross

My Name is Helene V Gross. Being called to do what I love and use my acquired talents to help others is what makes my life worth living. As an Author, Singer, Hypnotist, Tarot Reader, Psychic Medium, Artist, Video Editor, Actress, Motivational Speaker, etc, the red thread through all of this is that these talents have allowed me to master the art of BEING LOVE to in turn channel that into all that I do.

Certified Hypnotist - Quantum Healer - Reiki Master - Past Life Regressionist - Author - Tarot Reader - Psychic Medium - Energy Healer - Spiritual Advisor -

Meditation Teacher - Life Coach

35+ Years of Experience

Certified by :

Artisit of Spirit - Definition...

A facilitator of empowering transformation, guiding individuals toward a deeper connection with their inner selves, emotions, and beliefs. This creates a gateway for introspection and self-discovery; not only helping individuals manage and process their emotions, but also leading one to a greater "inner"standing of their purpose and meaning in life. Through self-awareness, emotional depth, and spiritual exploration, the work of an Artist of Spirit fosters a profound empowering transformation that enriches the spirit and emotions of those who engage with it.

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